What can we do for overweight children?

A web site which offers a guaranteed approach to weight loss has some interesting thoughts on weight loss for children and teenagers.

The central theme is simple: there are only two ways of losing weight.

1: Eat less

2: Exercise more

Now the problem is that, too often children and teenagers will have habits which they follow in terms of what they eat and how much they eat.  They can also become very good at nagging at parents who ultimately give in, in order to keep the child happy – or at least stop the child from moaning!

The web site in question is still in development – but it is worth looking at its overall approach – it is not sponsored by any company, so there is nothing there to do with taking supplements or the like – it is simple good advice for any parent who wants to get his/her weight down, or who wants to help get the child’s weight down.

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