Does your school need a new Minibus?

The School Minibus: frustrating annoyance or brilliant solution?

In some schools the parents association has, once upon a time, purchased a minibus.  It was quite likely the biggest gift from the parents to the school, ever.

The only problem is that like all vehicles the minibus declines with use, and given that it is used over and over again by different drivers, the school bus can decline quicker than other vehicles.

Once the bus reaches five years of age, problems can become endemic until eventually the minibus is more of a problem than it is worth.

Sadly at such a time, the chances of the PTA buying another bus for the school are virtually zero.  So what is to be done?

The answer can often be to lease a minibus instead of buying it.  It is a solution in which the PTA and the school can share – quite often with parents raising as much money as they can and the school undertaking to make up any balance needed for the life of the lease.

There is a very interesting blog on this topic which appears at   It covers all the uses that a school bus can be put to, how leasing works, government regulations, and even how having such a bus improves teaching and learning.

Just click on the link above, and you’ll be able to read the latest, and earlier, entries on the blog.

A run down on some of the recent articles on the blog show what is included…

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