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Domino Books was founded by teachers with experience in primary schools, secondary schools and in further education. Our books are used nationally and internationally.

They are used by teachers, tutors, parents and later by children studying on their own.

Work is planned so that pupils can understand the material and learn to work things out.

Each section can be used as the basis of a lesson, for revision, or as homework. Each book has teacher notes and full answers. Throughout, the emphasis is on literacy and numeracy skills.

FIRST STEPS from nursery to children aged 11.

The work progresses steadily, especially in the very early years so that pupils can keep up and understand the material. Children come to enjoy the work.

A recent comment:

My son was finding maths very difficult at school andwas reluctant to do extra work at home. However, he recently completed First Steps Mental Maths 7-8 years by himself and asked if he could now start the 8-9 years book.

MASTERFILES for pupils aged 7 – 14.

There is a separate series for each subject covering KS1, KS2 and KS3 in English, Maths., Science and ICT. The work supports the National Curriculum and there are numerous worksheets to determine the progress of each child. Again, there are detailed notes and full answers.

MASTERFILES HISTORY There is a separate series for History including the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Tudor Times, Victorian Britain, Castles and The Second World War. There is a special title for those KS1 history.The format is similar and project work is encouraged.

LEARN ENGLISH This is for students aged 14+ and adult beginners for whom English is a second language. It deals with the structure of the English language and the ways in which it is used.

ACTIVITY PACKS There are more than 100 of these covering a wide range of topics. Many are useful for project work. Many have been compiled to accompany school visits.

Our books are available from bookshops and through our web site.

We are always pleased to answer any queries and help when we can.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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