Encouraging young people to write

Encouraging young people to write

Young people, as we all know, are fascinated by Facebook and Twitter.

But generally speaking they have become less enthralled by writing their own blog. Perhaps because there is more hard work involved, but perhaps also because they don’t understand quite what a blog is.

However I really do think that blogs can be an interesting addition to the creative writing that students and pupils indulge in. It can be used for anything that they want to write about – their own poetry, books they have read, their experiences… anything.

This was a point that I put to a small informal gathering of teachers last week, and what became clear to me was that there were a number of my colleagues who did not really get what I was talking about. What we needed was an example of a blog which was simple and which they could use as a guide.

Of course you may have one that is already running in your school, and indeed you can just go into Google or any other search engine and find a blog. And this is one too – obviously.

Blogs don’t have to be about news – you could imagine a blog that is just a diary, or a collection of poems, or anything – and if it is about multiple things, then an interesting way to separate the pages is by having an index page as I have set up.

It is true that some students don’t have any interest in this idea, but for others, the notion of having their work published is itself full of excitement.

Since the technology is free, it always seems a good idea to encourage young people to use and develop a blog where they can get away from the regular writing about themselves and instead write about their interests and broader matters.


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