Parent News – what it is what it does

Parent News – what it is what it does

Parent News is written for parents of children and teenagers.  There’s no restrictions or controls on what we publish – everything is defined by what our readers ask for.

To see our articles simply look at the list of topics that we cover (given below) and click on any one that interests you.  In each section the latest article will appear first, followed by all the others published on that topic.

This list is growing daily and we are currently adding three or four articles a day.

Alternatively on the right of the screen you will see a list of the latest articles we have published.  Just look down the list for something you find interesting.

In addition to Parent News we also publish a rolling news service relating to what is happening in schools.   Through this you can see all the latest information about schools and schooling in the UK at any time day or night.

This rolling news service is called UK Education News and to reach it you just click here:

If there is a topic that you would like to see an article on, just write to the editor of Parent News:

I do hope you find this service helpful.

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